Monday, October 31, 2011


In past few months I have read several articles, poems, and phrases about what love is. Many people gave me their ideas, and many just popped into my life; But to be very honest, none of them satisfied me completly and made me believe in what actually we call love.

We know that it is really hard to understand something like love, yet we want to know about it. After all, we are human beings, no matter how much time we spent searching for the defination of infinity we just can not stop ourselves. I don't know if I would be the one who is successful understanding the true meaning of love, but at least I will make one step closer.

Every other person I meet who talks about love only talk about what love is not, but actually, nobody explained me what love is. At first place I thought that they themselve were not aware of it, but then a weird thought came to my head - there can't be any human who wouldn't know about love, because love is what humanity is all about.

So finally, I gather what I have learnet about love. Love is not about missing someone or something, neither is it about being addicted to the same. It is not love when you cry for a particular thing or person, neither is there any love in caring too much for anything or anyone. It is about loveing someone, and it is something that we all experiance in our life. It is about not feeling hurt when something goes wrong. It is not about trusting someone, but it is about trusting yourself when you put yourself on the side of that someone you love.

Weather it is a human being, a thing, an animal, or a process or feild - love is about being a part of it, because when we love we become a part of universe which is not made up of gases and dust, instead it is full of emotions and expressions which follow the path of eternity. Saying something like "I can not love" is something really stupid, because being human is about loving and being loved. For as long as we are alive we would love, hatered is just not enough to explain "life".

Well! If we put every other idead about love on one side and try to look it thorugh our own eyes we would find that there are many facts about which are so damn interesting that nobody ever gets to know about them. Love is something which doesn not lot you recognise itself until the very end. When you are in search of love, and you become extremly exhausted and start to think that you are about to give there comes a time when love actually shows up - breezing through the woods that we have walked through, changing everything and make us enjoy the life with a head full of euphoria.

However, the greatest thing about love is that - the one who is most hungry of love is the one who best shares it!

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