Sunday, December 5, 2010

What makes you a good teacher?

Although every thing and every one in this universe can be a teacher, however for an individual teaching is an art in which one mind connects with other. Apart from being a profession, all parents are teacher to their kids and every one is a teacher for every one that they meet in daily life.

If you are a student or somehow close to school students you may have noticed that a student always distinguishes two or more teachers. In general, most of students prefer a certain kind of teacher while there are some exceptions that prefer another kind of teaching style. To be a teacher is to handle such exceptions without loosing more general students.

What makes you a better teacher?

“What makes you a better teacher?” this was detected to be the most common question the teachers asked when their teaching skills were challenged. According to a very popular and very effective notion “a better teacher is the one who is able to understand a student”.

But the question is how can one be able to understand a student more? Well! It’s not as hard as it seems, the day a teacher starts thinking like a student he will understand a student more.

How can a teacher think like a student?

Now, we come to the main point, how can a teacher think like a student? There can be several ways a teacher can think like a student.

First is the interaction between teachers and students. It is as easy as when a teacher interacts more with a students he becomes able to understand a student more. Some teachers organize debates and interaction sessions in their classes through which they are able to gain more views of students about their teaching styles. 

Being a strict and hard teacher doesn’t help your students much, but trying to understand their problems is what helps them which in fact it makes you a better teacher.

Secondly, make sure that you give nothing to you students that won’t help in any way. I have seen many teachers who expect their students to do things that are never going to help them in future (or in present). Yes, it’s hard to believe that there can be such teachers, but believe me, there are and they are earning enough income doing useless things.

Keeping a diary and noting down every thing that you make your students do and how it affected them is a very good idea to get to know how you can help them more. The more you are able to help your students the better teacher you are.

Role of punctuation

For a student, a teacher is a role model. If a teacher is good then students would like to become like their teachers for sure. It is true that this statement doesn’t work for all the students but still even if we can help 80% it is a big deal. A student always expects the teacher to be punctual and perfect. Most of the teachers neglect it by stating "nobody can be perfect". Well! Yes, nobody can be perfect, but everybody can do their level best to attain perfection.

Look back in past

Look back in past and remember your life as a student. What did you expect most from your teacher, what were your thoughts about a perfect teacher? These are some questions that you should be asking yourself while struggling to become a better teacher.

Motivate yourself and your students...

Self motivation, along with motivation for students is a very important aspect of teaching. Pressure students when you feel they need and motivate them too. Some students work better in pressure, while some are not able to handle it that well. Look every student individually no matter how much time and effort it takes, because that is what is going to help you fetch your teaching skills higher.

Also, it is important for you to not loose your confidence. We all make mistakes, keeping in mind that mistakes can be recovered with hard work and practice will help you in long term for sure.

What are your thoughts about teaching better? Do share your ideas and comments with others to make this world full of great teachers.

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